Best West African Foods To Eat In Melbourne

West African Meal Bottomless Feed at Edziban Afrobrunch Sundaze

Whatever your food choices, whether vegan or not. Whatever your food adventures, whether wild or not. West African Food serves various varieties that can satisfy anyone. In this blog post, we share four West African meals you can find and eat in Melbourne.


This favorite West African dish has caused a friendly rivalry between Nigerians and Ghanaians. It is a rice dish made with gravy or tomato stew and accompanied by meat, chicken, or fish. Other sides include fried plantain and salad.


There are two kinds of this dish. One is Nigerian, the other is Ghanaian. Nigerian fufu is made from cassava dough, while Ghanaian fufu is made from plantain and cassava. Nigerian fufu is eaten with vegetable soup such as egusi soup with meat or fish, while Ghanaian fufu is eaten with peanut butter soup or light soup made of tomatoes and pepper with meat, chicken, or fish.


Waakye is a rice and beans dish cooked in one saucepan, sometimes with sorghum leaves to give it a light reddish color. It is eaten with spaghetti, gari (evaporated granulated cassava), meat, chicken, fish, and/or hard-boiled eggs, in addition to shito (spicey hot sauce) and stew.


This is a staple dish of the Ga ethnicity located in Accra, Ghana. It is made with corn dough and cooked to perfection through steaming over long hours. This dish is eaten with shito and stew, with either fried egg, fish, chicken, or meat.

At Edziban West African Bar and Bistro, where you feast like African royalty, we have these meals available with vegan options. Our meals are cooked with perfection at affordable rates. We are family-friendly as well. So do contact us to book a table or simply walk in to dine.

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